Delivering Oil Samples - Part 1

Meeting with ADLC, discovering Phoenix Wings and executing the first POC

Last year, we were approached by ADLC, a visionary startup, to join forces on an extraordinary venture. ADLC has set its sights on revolutionizing the fuel sample delivery within the bustling Port of Antwerp, with future plans to expand this game-changing service to other ports as well.

In their quest for excellence, ADLC sought skilled pilots to execute their proof of concept and lead the initial drone operations. Enter DeltaCopter – a team synonymous with piloting finesse and operational prowess. Our partnership was a natural fit.

Our journey kicked off with rigorous testing using the agile Phoenix Wings PWone, a lightweight VTOL UAS. This versatile drone can be effortlessly guided either manually or automatically through a proprietary ground station, showcasing its prowess in real-world scenarios.

As the sun rose over the Antwerp port, our drones gracefully navigated the waterways, effortlessly evading vessels. Weeks of preparation led us to a momentous demonstration, where we showcased the incredible flight capabilities of the diminutive PWone to the teams from BASF and SGS.

The demonstration was nothing short of flawless.

Under extended visual line of sight conditions, our drone completed several flights spanning kilometers, culminating in the precise delivery of a miniature water sample. The stage was set for the next phase of our journey: mastering the Phoenix Wings ORCA, a substantial model weighing 52kg, boasting a commanding 3-meter wingspan.

To achieve this, Stephane and I are embarking on a training expedition to Munich, guided by the experts from Phoenix Wings.

This project promises to elevate our capabilities and solidify our position as trailblazers in the drone operations landscape. Stay tuned as we soar to new heights, powered by innovation and strategic partnerships.

The PWone 👇

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